Lolitalane’s First Song Cover!

Hi Guys! We know we haven’t been very active with writing recently and it’s simply because our time has been taken up with personal projects that isn’t entirely Lolitalane related. We’re really sorry for the lack of posts but we’re going  to make up for that!

So, since we haven’t had hours on end to sit down, research and form opinions on topics that might interest you guys to write about, videos would be a faster way to stay in touch with all of you, no? That is why, we’re making Youtube videos now! We’ll be doing all sorts of videos other than our (mostly) random lifestyle ones that don’t really feature us. One of the things we’re doing on Youtube is song covers! We just recorded our first one very impromptu and spontaneously last night so we wanted to share it with all of you. Please remember we aren’t trained nor professional singers so please be gentle with us! Hopefully, time and practice would help us improve. Feel free to let us know what you think either on our Youtube account or on the comment section below. Thanks for always being so supportive! -Xoxo, Claris and Emily.


One response to “Lolitalane’s First Song Cover!

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