Mixing It Up.

On 30th January 2012, I tweeted that I invented a new drink. I’m loving it. My personal favourite drink is Sea Breeze which might explain why I’m partial to this new concoction. If I was ever an alcoholic this would be my poison. How it came about was so spontaneous I’m still incredibly ecstatic/proud that it turned out well, pretty decent. I’ve kept myself from being inebriated as much as possible for several years now but on that Monday, I had friends over and also had a craving for my new favourite juice, Yuzu. For those who don’t know, yuzu is a citrus fruit that has a distinct tarty flavor, similar to a grapefruit. I love everything about the fruit since once again, it’s high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C that I’m always raving about.

Back to the topic at hand, I had a spur of the moment urge to just make a drink for friends so here’s what I came up with. It is yet to be named and I’m honestly not too sure if someone out there has already ‘invented’ this drink but well, here goes nothing. It’s so easy and palatable, don’t blame me if you get close to joining AA.

Ingredients: Marigold Peel Fresh Yuzu Juice, Absolut Vodka, Lime Martini Mix, Ice.

How To

Step One – One shot of Lime Martini Mix (really doesn’t matter what brand, use your favorite).

Step Two – One shot of Absolut Vodka (Yes, Absolut. Somehow you can’t taste it when everything’s mixed. *Thumbs Up*)

Step Three – Top up with Yuzu Juice! (Use more if you want to cut down on the alcohol, etc.)

Stir well and drink up! Try it out and let me know what you think of it. Maybe even improve or jazz it up. Also, any idea what to name this drink? – Share the Love, Emily L.

P.S In case any of you were curious as to what my friends had to say about the drink, one said that it was ‘something guys would buy for girls’ because it is very easy to drink but yet, has quite a kick to it. Another said it tasted like a Mojito, I reckon his taste buds are ruined.

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