Valentine’s Day Special: The Girl’s Guide

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up upon us really quickly again. Girls all over the world are getting ready for the occasion securing dates, choosing outfits and generally making sure they look good. Last year, we shared about the importance of treating the loved ones in your life like it was Valentine’s Day everyday. If you haven’t read it, check it out here. This year, I’ll be sharing with you girls all the romance related beauty information I have. Compiled in this nifty article.



Did you know that curled hair is meant to evoke feelings of passion? Big, loose curls give the feeling of sultry sexiness while small tight curls makes one want to pamper. However, everything in life has a balance and the key to having the perfect hair for Valentine’s Day is of course, finding the right set. One thing I have to note before I continue. My ‘theme’ of sorts in regards to Valentine’s Day preparation for girls, is to be comfortable. I don’t mean shorts and slippers but feeling confident, natural and being able to move in the overall look you choose. Nothing is less romantic than an insecure girl constantly adjusting her hair, dress, makeup, wincing, stumbling and generally being a hot mess.

Soft Romantic Curls

Time saving natural soft waves that makes a guy’s heart skip a beat. It’ll make him want to run his hair through your soft locks and trust me girls, he can!

Point Add on braids or hair accessories if you are afraid of looking like ‘every other girl’.



The second most crucial point in looking utterly gorgeous and different for your date, is your make up. If you are not in the habit of applying make up or if it’s your first time, it’s time to get some practice on. Badly applied make up don’t only look bad, they feel bad too. No girl wants to have cakey skin, oily lip gloss and droopy eyes any day of the week, much less Valentine’s Day. Ever wondered how some girls just look mysteriously romantic and you can’t help but soften your gaze at her? Here’s how.

Make Up for Romance

Adding romance to an everyday look is all about colours and some very special points.

Point Be very precise as to where you want to accentuate. Too much is bad and mixing too many techniques together is also, disastrous.



We come to the one segment most girls think is the most important. Before you go running out your door to buy something to wear, I have a confession. Quite honestly, an average male doesn’t remember if you’ve worn something before. For example, wear a cute top on any two days of a week. If you coordinated your clothes differently, the chances of him remembering the same top is still pretty low. There are of course, exceptions. I won’t talk about it here lest we stray from the subject but let’s just hope you aren’t dating an exception. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to go all pink or lace or frills. Just remember whichever colour you choose, keep your dark pieces to a minimal. That means that if you were to choose a navy blue anything, it only takes up 1/3 of your outfit’s colour scheme. Unless, you’re on a sexy, flirty, naughty dinner and lounge date. Even then, I’m sure you’ll find a nude embellished dress that’ll make his jaw drop. My point, keep darks to a low. You can seduce him with your dark, edgy side any other time of the year.

Hook, Line and Sink His Heart

Any look will essentially work. If you’re currently rocking the Katy Perry vibe, work it. Been feeling gutsy and decking out in edgy pieces? Go with it. Still in love with nautical fever? Bring it on. The crux is to be comfortable so you shine, not your shell.

Sexy Places to Exhibit
1) Nape.
2) Wrists.
3) Collarbone.
4) Sexy calves.
5) Well toned arms.
6) Smooth back.
7) Neck.
8) Shoulder line.
9) Soft hands.
10) Small ankles.

*Point* Just remember to display at least one key point (but not more than 3) in exuding romance and you’re bound to set his heart on fire.



Last but definitely not least, scent and body grooming. This is often overlooked but if you’ve read my article thus far, you would have realized this is actually the first step you should take before embarking on the other aspects of your look. It’s not romantic smelling like oil, sweat and beauty products. It’s definitely worst if you were a hedgehog. Eg; unshaven or stubble. Actually, I can one up that. Think hedgehog with scales.

You Perfect Little Thing

That’s what you want him thinking. So pay your waxer a visit and bring out those tweezers. Go to your local nail parlor and let them earn your $50 to get your hands and feet soft, groomed and polished. Hunt down a scent that says you, or use your signature fragrance. It’s actually these little details that he notices, well maybe not the color of your nails, but you get it. So here I go throwing more secrets away. I seriously hope this benefits at least one girl.

Prepping your skin
1) Exfoliate your skin. This means scrubbing your face and body too.
2) Have a facial. Whether it’s a DIY or salon treatment, remember that the key in looking naturally radiant and glowing is good skin. It is also the best base for any make up application. This means getting your skin in it’s best condition.
3) Hair removal. This is obvious for so many reasons. Just…get it done.
Scenting your skin
1) Use a complementing bath wash or soap of your choice scent if you can.
2) After stepping out of the shower, apply a complementing moisturizer on damp skin. This helps to prepare a base for your scent and also enhances and prolongs it’s scent throw.
3) Lastly spray on your perfume before you dress. A lot of people either apply too much on the same spots or use it directly on their clothes. Don’t do either. You don’t want to overpower people with your perfume nor ruin your clothes. Try out our tips and you’ll be amazed at how long your perfume lasts.
Apply here (all spots or select your preferred spots): Nape, bottom of throat, behind ears, inner arms, inner elbow, chest, belly button, small of back, back of knees and ankles. Some of these spots seem pretty strange but it honestly works. P.S ‘walking’ into a scent cloud is also a good way to get a good coverage.
-Share the Love, Emily L.

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