Valentine’s Day Special: The Men’s Guide

On Wednesday, I put up a guide for girls on how to create a more romantic look for Valentine’s Day. Since Lolitalane is a unisex platform, I’m also going to share with you guys, as in of the male gender, how to plan an ideal Valentine’s date. Now, first thing you guys have to understand is that there are essentially three types of girls out there in regards to Valentine’s Day expectations. We’re going to identify the three types of girls and what you can do to tackle their expectations.

Miss Dutch

That’s what I’m calling the girls who insists on equal rights between sexes no matter where they are. You know, the ones who always wants to ‘go dutch’ and rarely accepts presents from you. Girls like these won’t be impressed with how much you spend on the date. Rather, they are easily impressed on how you perform on the date. They’re the ones where the saying “It’s the thought that counts” matter.
Where to go
Find out through conversation with her about the places she consider romantic or sexy. This varies widely from girl to girl. Some may like the beach while others may say an observatory. Whichever the case is, putting thought into planning the method of transport, meals and presentation is what counts for her.
What to do
Here’s the crux of the date. Contrary to a women’s believe in ‘equal rights’, it’s actually these girls who love to see that men can, in fact, be perfect gentlemen. There are many reasons why that statement seems so warped but girls, you know it’s true deep down in your heart. As for the men, don’t worry about that, you’ve already got the girl so work on keeping her heart. Show her you can treat a woman like a lady. There are too many men disgracing the word ‘gentleman’ so show us that men can still be chivalrous.
Gentleman [gen·tle·man] a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man: He behaved like a true gentleman.
How to be a gentleman
1) Groom yourself.
2) Conduct yourself in a polite manner.
3) Be empathetic.
4) Be courteous.
5) Be respectful.
6) Don’t stand for violence.
7) Be giving.
8) Listen.
9) Be humble.
10) Be sincere.

The Classic

This is the typical girl who dreams of a perfect Valentine’s date every year. She expects the full works and expects to be pampered on this day. Be prepared to have saved a considerable amount of money before attempting a date like that.
Where to go
A girl who expects the full works won’t settle for a normal Valentine’s dinner package. You have to think different and really set your mind on impressing her. A good start would be any restaurant that is already relatively famous to start with. A waiting list is a good hint but if you’re reading this for ideas this late, chances are you most likely won’t get it. Hotels and resorts are also another excellent idea to impress your date.
Other ideas: A yacht date, helicopter ride, plane experience, a spa trip.
What to do
Lavish dates like these require both financial and emotional contribution. If money isn’t an issue, hiring ‘entertainers’ to perform or enact your own thoughtful gestures is also another way to make her go ‘wow’. A ‘cliche’ mariachi band performing your ‘couple songs’, a butler catering to detailed needs, a performer to read out your hand penned poems (if you indulge in such activities)  or even a horse ride down the beach to a decorated spot where you profess your undying love are flamboyant ways to declare your affections.
What to buy
Gifts for the classic girl is the simplest of the lot. Anything name brand, limited edition or on her wish list that will normally take her awhile to get on her own are safe bets. Other ways to make these gifts personalized are having them engraved, customized or delivered in unique methods.

The Nonchalant

You know the kind of girl that guys like hanging out with because she’s ‘one of the boys’? That’s the kind we’re talking about. She’s the type that doesn’t really bother about anniversaries, much less Valentine’s Day.
Where to go
Even though a nonchalant girl doesn’t make a big deal out of occasions, do remember that she is still a girl. This means she is more emotional than you. This also means that if you took the extra mile to be particularly nice to her on Valentine’s day, it will definitely leave an impression on her. Being a gentleman and taking her out on a simple date will generally than do the trick. However, since nonchalant girls don’t have expectations, feel free to play up your ideas and pamper her with any type of romantic gesture you might have.
What to do
Combining what you might do if your girl is The Classic or Miss Dutch will hit a sweet spot. She isn’t easy to impress nor does she want to be impressed, she’s just the kind of girl who really notices you and the effort you put into what you do for her. Here’s an idea, play around with it. Spend some time doing something the both of you enjoy (and I’m not talking just in the sack), cook up a nice meal together and take that out for a picnic under the stars at the beach. Remember to put on your best behavior!
What to buy
Here’s where you want to pay some attention to if you’re dating a nonchalant girl. Anything too lavish is a turn off if it isn’t something she likes or have on her wishlist. Anything that isn’t well thought out would also show her very clearly how much she means to you. Here’s a guideline, but it’s only for average blokes. A safe bet in budget, is nothing more than 10% of your monthly salary. If you’re a high flyer, well, use the mentality of an average earner. The key is to remember to gift from the heart, not flaunting your financial status. The next thing to remember is to take into consideration what she needs and likes. Ask her friends or family and you should have a pretty good idea.

I hope this has been helpful to some of the guys reading this. Don’t take everything I advised for law, remember that everyone is different. The most important thing is to really be genuinely sincere. Girls, if you feel that this article is useful, get your guy friends in on it. -Emily L.


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