Hello Old Friends!

I feel like it’s been quite awhile since I’ve talked about things that I’ve been doing or that I’m loving at the moment. In that spirit, and also because of restlessness, I’ve decided to share some new animes that I’m in love with…that I finally caught up to. For those who think the concept of watching, enjoying or understanding anime is profoundly weird and should only be kept to the weird, I shall declare that I am indeed described as weird. However, there is much to be said for people who have that train of shallow mindset simply because you are only proving yourself to be either a) lacking imagination, b) a prude or c) incapable of relating to anything else but what is within your own minute snow globe of existence.  Sorry for the random rant, but I’ve been on a streak. I also felt like that needed getting off my chest. I hope fellow anime fans feel like something has been said for them and that maybe you can come out of hiding? Jokes.

妖狐×僕SS (inu x boku SS)

Who Should Watch It:
  • Girls who secretly like having an attractive butler who has supernatural powers that would give his life to protect you and save you from all evil (and that you can also have a crush on).
  • Guys who are into ツンデレ (tsundere) types.
Lolitalane x Therealemms Ranking

I love this anime. That also means I belong to either one of the above categories. Go figure. When I watched the first episode I suddenly realized it looked strangely familiar. Then I remembered falling in love with a book while I was in Tokyo but I couldn’t figure out if it was a novel or manga and didn’t get it. I totally regret not urge buying. Just in case that was in any way confusing, I can read Japanese. The difference between a novel and a manga is the proficiency level which explains my hesitation since I probably only pass for elementary level with more vocabulary thrown in. Here’s the book, which turns out is actually a manga.

It’s so pretty! See my attraction to it now? I was lured in and mesmerized by the cover. The book is actually called お嬢様と妖怪執事 (Ojousama To Youkai Shitsuji) whose literal translation is Lady and Demon Butler. -_- It features a compilation of three short stories by Cocoa Fujiwara about girls with obviously, demon butlers. I love demon butlers, 黒執事 (Kuro Shitsuji) or Black Butler is another favorite. It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that Cocoa Fujiwara is also the author and illustrator of 妖狐×僕SS that got adapted into the anime. As usual, I’m not going to be a spoiler or talk about the story or tell you where I read and watched them because I’m legally not able to. So Google can be your best friend too, if he isn’t already. What I can do, is leave a trailer. =D


I promise not to introduce 10 long ass animes. Unless you really want me to.

花咲くいろは(The colours of blooming)

Who Should Watch It:
  • Girls who like to look at pretty things.
  • Guys who like animes with a bevy of girls and character types.
  • People who dream of a more simple, mundane life where you only worry about ‘growing up’.
Lolitalane x Therealemms Ranking:

花咲くいろは (Hana Saku Iroha) isn’t all that new. It’s been out for awhile now and was still airing while I was in Japan. I was fan-girling the TV set simply because of the animes airing and the fact that I was on vacation so I was free to watch as much as I wanted. I suspect the only reason why I like this anime is because of a) the pretty hairstyles and outfits b) pretty animation that’s very easy on the eyes especially if you’re of the female gender and c) because it’s story and concept is so simple, reading it’s plot is borderline boring. I actually considered the blonde girl’s hairstyle but I figured I’d look like an おばちゃん aka aunty if I actually attempted it.

I do however, like that they have pretty funny elements thrown about each episode. The anime got pretty big in Japan, literally every convenience shop, capsule vending machine centre, arcade, manga store and hentai section had some form of merchandise. Speaking of vending machines, I spent too much money to admit on those while in Tokyo and I have the WORST luck. Like you wouldn’t believe. I only got 2 collectibles even worth mentioning and they weren’t even turned out by me. Check out our FB Page for pictures of our somewhat, maybe, borderline exciting lives. I’ve been too distracted to edit and post up any of my pictures from my Tokyo trip but I promise I will. Eventually. I swear. Once again, the trailer.


See I’m trying to not bore you.

生徒会役員共 (Student Council Staff Members)

Who Should Watch It:
  • Girls with a slightly perverted sense of humor.
  • Guys who like watching girls with a perverted sense of humor.
  • Everyone who has a sense of humor.
Lolitalane x Therealemms Ranking:

生徒会役員共 (Sentoukai Yakuindomo) is really one for anybody and everybody. Even if you don’t normally watch anime. It had me laughing through each episode. Either that or induce an ‘Are you serious?!’ reaction from me. Anime is one of those programs where you can expect anything no matter how incredulous it might sound in reality. This anime however is so realistic and relevant to reality yet pushes it to such an extreme that it’s hard not to follow the series. Here’s a still from the opening of the anime that had me choke. I wasn’t able to laugh so I choke-laughed since I was eating something but I don’t remember what it is. It definitely wasn’t a banana though.

It’s basically an all girls school that recently turned co-ed and where a new male student somehow gets forced into the Student Council. The fun bit is actually the existing staff members because these girls have the filthiest minds but are absolutely clueless about society’s perception of thoughts. Well, they aren’t exactly thoughts because it’s said out loud. To put it simply, the things these girls say are not only meant to be kept to yourself, they’re just generally not applied to anything they apply it to. Here’s another video to end this post. It’s the OVA! So you can get a glimpse of why I laughed so much and then decide if you want to watch the series yourself. Just in case it gets removed -crosses fingers that it doesn’t- and I am somehow unaware about it, I’ll also include the trailer. This is for anyone who doesn’t get to see the OVA but still wants a gist of the show. This is also called showing some nerd love. ♥ -Share the love, Emily L.

2 responses to “Hello Old Friends!

  1. Interesting post since I’ve actually watched those animes and the fact that I can’t make an interesting anime review if my life depended on it. It’s nice to know what other people think of some anime that I’ve seen since I don’t really have that many people to talk about it to. Thanks for sharing!


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