Spring Fever + Etsy! P27KJ7HFK2C7

Spring is here again!

I’ve always had the most obscenely feminine and romantic imagery of Spring. Baby animals being born, flowers exploding into bloom just as fast as they fade, crystal clear blue skies, beautiful lilac hanging wisteria and an explosion of pastel hues.

For the sake of aww-factor, here’s a eenie weenie baby swan! Yeah fine, it’s a cygnet.

This spring, I’m truly glad that trending fashion isn’t obsessed over all shapes and sizes of flowers but dreamy colors inspired by seasonal flowery. Also, crazy color blocking that doesn’t induce headaches but adds a oomph by placing said crazy color blocking into loud, funky geometric statement pieces instead. Old school drop waist skirts are also revived and sexily whimsical peplum skirts kept on the rack. Lastly two trends I am extremely excitable about, in my opinion, is the new take on the ‘nautical’ theme by bringing to life every girls ‘Little Mermaid’ fantasies and avian influences appearing in print and accessories! I generally hate birds in reality, except if they are of elite predatory status eg; falcons, eagles and owls but I love accessories and apparel inspired/embellished/printed with them. I don’t know why it works that way for me. Psych analysis?

– ANABELLE – Flower Crown

I’ve always liked warmer weather more than cooler climates. Maybe I’m just partial to the warm sun since I’ve lived in Singapore my whole life but I never had a thing for cold weather nor much of the fashion related to those seasons. Maybe except when it’s transitioning into/early autumn. Thinking about it, I’m definitely biased. Blame it on lack of ‘exposure’. Since fashion is an iffy subject for me now (it’s still not summer and I’m not completely swayed), actual clothing I’m lusting for this season is pretty rare. However, accessories are and will always be, my guilty pleasure. Regardless of seasons. I’ve pretty much trawled through malls and online shops to get a grip of what’s hot for accessories this season. From what I gather, think statement pieces. Here are 10 different styles and types of accessories I adore, that pretty much fit any kind of girl reading this.

P.S I really love each of the following accessories but in the face of reality, the likelihood of owning every single item is not only daunting but borderline psychotic, so, this is also really an outlet for me to share my love for these lovelies with girls who might eventually own them.
Indiana – Boho chic long asymmetric necklace red turquoise antique bronze chains

There’s just something about bright and cheery beading this season. Coupled with my favourite long necklace style, got to love. I’m thinking this would go great with any basic top, boho dress or plain maxi dresses.

Vintage White Rhinestone Flower Cluster Headband

This is one for the girly girl. For some girls, it’s a daily affair. For me, it occurs sometimes. I like the simplicity of the flower clusters, it’s a statement without screaming ‘Look at me!’ With the staple of frills, lace and flowers in a girly girl’s wardrobe, it’s sometimes smarter to know when to tone it down.

Hand Painted Neon Pink & Orange Flowers Silk Scarf

Spring colour, check. Inconspicuous flowers, check. Statement piece, check. On top of that, hand painted and silk chiffon. I’m making a mental note to colour block with this piece. Alternatively, basic white tank + scarf + fitted white blazer + faded fitted jeans.

vintage style elk deer antlers bracelet, with red crystal

I really like the large, exaggerated animal and insect accessories this season, although I’ve seen some pretty strange ones. The said piece flashing in my head consisted of at least 6 walnut sized bronze/gold cockroaches. Hissing cockroaches to be precise. I’m not nor will I ever be anything near normal with cockroaches so I prefer elks instead. These are particularly good with outfits on simple days and even party dresses that needs an edgier feel.

Pastel blue crochet UTHA headband – love dreamcatcher

Come Spring/Summer, headbands are always a hot favourite. I love how this one mixes pastels and a large eye-catching design into one quick fix headband. Bad hair days never looked so good. Also a very fun beach look accessory come summer.

Spring necklace with a little pink acorn engraved with “Kiss”

Acorns are adorable! Putting it together with fun spring colours also makes it wearable and interesting. I think this is good for days where you can’t wear anything too loud. Or for those who are still attending school and don’t/can’t have a reason to be ‘flamboyant’ in your attire.

Butterfly Garden

Funny little thing about fashion is that it isn’t just about trends. It is also your own identity and an outlet to interpret who you are and what you feel. Trends also do tend to suffer from ‘rinse and repeat’ syndrome. What this means is I know many girls, including myself, will always have their ‘classic’ idea of spring fashion. Which brings us back to sweet, floral, feminine tones. That doesn’t mean that you have to vomit Care Bears though. Adding a little touch of vintage and mixing different spring elements tones down the ‘flower child’ image.

Cotton Candy Colored Metal Mesh Bag

This is my favourite find of the lot. Soft pastel tones that aren’t too overbearing, vintage, a handy little mirror, roomy enough for a normal girl and convertible into a clutch. I love how easy it will be to co-ordinate this bag with just about anything white, neutral or pastel.

Turquoise Spike Shield Necklace

I’ve fallen in love with turquoise accessories again and there’s just something about the cracked blue and green that is so befitting of spring and summer.

Hot Pink Yellow Orange Bridesmaid Set of 3 Clutches/Minaudieres

This clutches were meant for bridesmaids but I love the sunny colours and geometric prints so much that I guess you don’t need to be anywhere near a wedding to sport these clutches. I think they’re perfect to jazz up outfits whether you’re meeting up with girlfriends for after some afternoon tea or coupling it with a cocktail dress for a dinner date.

In case it isn’t obvious enough, I sourced all these accessories from Etsy because I love handmade and vintage stuff. Also, it’s a great place to look for a range of unique items without being constricted by brands. Err…and no, this isn’t an ad.

What inspires you in Spring?

Share the ♥! -Emily L.


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