Top 5 Ways To Attract Women

Let me be your wing woman and give you some tips on ways to attract women without looking too desperate as well as how to get her, keep her and leave her wanting more.


Let’s talk about attracting women, the best way to attract women is…


I know this may be the most annoying phrase ever but once you tell yourself that, you would be more comfortable and confident to bring out your BETTER SELF in front of the ladies. Bring out the POSITIVE and KNOWLEDGEABLE version of yourself. When you are totally free from self judgement, when you are free of putting pressure on yourself to approach or having an outcome, there’s no pressure on yourself. You are completely free because you’re at your most natural, you are being YOURSELF.


One of the biggest mistake I see men making is that they don’t approach! Instead they would mentally reject themselves before giving the woman a chance to possibly reject them.

Wing woman tips for you :

PRACTICE ON APPROACHING PEOPLE YOU’RE NOT ATTRACTED TO. Simply start off by saying ‘Hi’. No cheesy pick up lines, nothing. Just a simple ‘HI’ or ‘HELLO’. Don’t ever force the outcome, your 1st success is simply by approaching.

2. Confidence/Body Language

There are many times when a guy comes up to me and he’s looking at me with his hands and body really off, being awkward and uncomfortable. That’s when I know he’s not being comfortable nor representing his best self.

Wing woman tips on how to CONTROL your body language :

PUT YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKET. Stand tall, lower your shoulder so you seem more comfortable, lean back a bit and angle yourself 45 degree towards the person that you are talking to. If you’ve your body straight on, you may come off too aggressive or eager.

3. Rules of Conversation

Here’s one rule that I have, the 30%/70% RULE.

Wing woman tips on conversation rules :

WOMEN SHOULD BE TALKING 70% OF THE TIME. Which means you should be talking 30% of the time. I know tons of guys out there agree with me and believe that you shouldn’t be controlling the conversation and talking ‘95% of the time’ BUT you want to get the women to talk as MUCH as possible.


Is to lead the conversation not dominate.

4. Body Language/Touch

Touch, make sure to incorporate touching her during your interaction with her. If you are having a 2-3 minutes conversation with the woman, I would say to incorporate touch at least once or twice, and no, touching doesn’t mean touching her hair, face or hands.

Wing woman tips on TOUCH :

TOUCH MEANS GENTLY, FOR NO LONGER THAN 2 SECONDS MAX. It would show her that you’re interested. What touches actually says to a woman without screaming out loud that ‘I AM ATTRACTED TO YOU’ is saying ‘I am not talking to you because I want you to be my friend, I am talking to you because I see you potentially as something more.’

5. Engage & Disengage

Another thing you can do is to Engage and Disengage. When talking to a woman, a lot of guys are afraid that if they were to disengage from her, some other guy would scoop in and steal that woman away. Worst, if the woman completely forgets about you and spoil the attraction.

Wing woman tips on making her want more :

DON’T BE AFRAID TO WALK AWAY. In fact, It’s quite the opposite. If you disengage from a conversation with a woman, it would actually make her want you more. The best thing for you to do is engage a woman in a conversation and after 2/3 minutes, find a way to disengage.

Take a breather, relax, leave and get a drink or go to the bathroom. Then come back and engage her again if you WANT to. Because this woman you just met, is not the number ONE priority over the rest of your interactions. The engage and disengage helps you send the ‘I am interested in you/I think you’re cool but I have a life and did have a life before I met you that I am going to get back to and maybe I will see you around some time.’ message to her and that to a women, is extremely SEXY.


So, what challenges do you face when approaching women?

Love y’all sexy cats!

Xoxo, Claris Callista


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