The Best Thai Food In Singapore.

One thing about being Southeast Asian, is the fascination we have for spicy food. In many western cultures, hearing the term ‘spicy food’ is very different from what we get in Asia. Unless you’re in Southeast Asia, the word spicy is normally associated with seasoned, pungent, aromatic, savory and even tangy dishes. Here, the simple word is hot, and the hotter it is, the better.

Of course, not every one of us can take the heat of chillies and dishes laced with the inconspicuous red fruit but for those who do, Thai food tops most other cuisines. Our favorite haunt in Singapore for authentic tasting Thai food that is not only affordable but incredibly satisfying in terms of ‘heat’, is Nakhon Kitchen. They are already a very popular food joint and what we love is that they’re the sort of place that became renowned almost solely based on word of mouth, or in this case, blogs. There are already plenty of bloggers who have had their say in what they love or hate at Nakhon Kitchen but we thought we wanted to share what our favorite dishes are instead of the usual food/restaurant review.

Pandan Chicken

We love the tender chicken that’s superbly marinated. It’s got an addictive smoky flavor and fats mixed in with the meat that makes it all the more fragrant. Pandan chicken isn’t commonly found in Thailand but most restaurants here serve this dish and it’s something we almost always order. Must try!

Sambal Kangkong

Singapore’s all time favorite vegetable. Silky leaves and crunchy stems combined with any form of chilli makes this green an irresistible complement to fragrant steamed rice. Nakhon Kitchen’s sambal isn’t the usual thick, spicy chilli paste. Their sambal is more ‘watery’ and we like the balance it gives since you taste more of the vegetable. Also, the sambal has a very savory/sweet note. We like!

Tom Yam Prawn (Clear)

It’s hard to find good tom yam soup in Singapore. Many places serve up versions of Thailand’s signature soup but Nakhon Kitchen has it to a tee. The soup is extremely flavorful with just the right touch of sourness and has the perfect blend of spices. Plus, the chilli kick is crazy. At first taste, some might find it too spicy but trust us, it gets very very addictive. Also, they’re pretty generous with their ingredients.

The Star

Obviously, the picture above isn’t taken by us but because we forgot to take this very important picture, we had to Google for the best picture we could find that brings the little dispenser of chilli condiments to justice. The chilli condiments here are so good, we are always tempted to steal the holder. Except if we did, we would have to go back to get refills. That’s too embarrassing of a situation. Each one of the four chilli sauces hold a potent blend of chillies and condiments that gives your already fantastic meal more depth. It’s a pretty strange way of describing simple chilli sauces but that’s how we feel. Each of the different sauces can easily transform your dishes and we like how we can control the spiciness of our dishes.

Thank you Daniel Hung from Memoirs of Food for the picture of the chillies. Honestly, there isn’t any pictures of them that is killer. Probably because no one has discovered their magic or maybe no one appreciates them like we do. Haha. Anyway, if you guys would like a review of Nakhon Kitchen, check out Daniel’s review!


Nakhon Kitchen (Bedok) Nakhon Kitchen (Hougang)

So you’re Singaporean or live in Singapore and haven’t tried it out, you must. If you aren’t from Singapore, well, make sure to visit this little eatery if you’re ever in town because we promise, the food here is going to tantalize your taste buds more than words and pictures ever will.

Nakhon Kitchen is usually packed full at meal times so arrive early or expect to wait in snaking queues.

What’s your favorite Thai food?

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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