Cracked Band-it Nails and Tutorial!

I was staring at my very limited collection of nail polishes (because I’m not at my family home where the major treasury is) the other day and realized I either did something with them or let them congeal into a gooey mess. The reason why I have to stress that the ‘collection’ is limited, if it can even be called one, is because I only have a selection of 2 nude colors, 1 black crackle polish, several similar shades of red and one ugly shimmery brown that I haven’t found a use for. Just in case anyone is going to think I’m a spendthrift for buying something that is ugly and that I possibly might never use, I didn’t. It was a freebie from a hair dye I bought.

So, while I was staring at the vast sea of options I had (yes, that was slight sarcasm at my plight) and tearing my hair out at how to achieve a semblance of Spring-like nails, I had an epiphany. Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean I (or you, for the matter) had to go all sherbet-y and flowers. I decided to use the only shade I had that was closest to Spring, which was a pale pink, and create banded stripes on my nails with crackle polish. The result was a sweet yet slightly edgy look. Extremely easy to co-ordinate with any outfit and also a breeze to interchange the colors I have on to any polishes you prefer. Which I’m betting is a lot more than what I have now.

If you’re thinking of recreating this set of nails, here’s what you need:

Base coat. Top coat. Base color (I’m using OPI’s Bubble Bath NLS86). Crackle Polish (I’m using black but feel free to play around with your colors). Left over sticker paper cut in thin (0.5cm) strips or tape cut in thin (0.5cm) strips or sticky side of Post Its cut in thin (0.5com) strips or french nail guide stickers.

Notes: I used french nail guide stickers as guides for the crackle bands since I don’t use them to draw french nails. If you’re using anything but the Post Its, remove some of the tackiness from your tape by sticking it on the back of your hands first. You don’t want your base color to stick to your guides.

Step One

File, shape and buff your nails. Next, apply your base coat followed by 2 coats of your base color ( OPI’s Bubble Bath NLS86 used here). If you have any quick dry drops, you can use it at this stage. Allow your nails to dry for at least 15-20 minutes.

Step Two

If you used any quick dry drops, wipe it off with a cotton pad. Stick on your guides at approximately 0.5cm intervals. If you are using sticker paper or tape, remember to remove tackiness by sticking them on the back of your hands first.

Step Three

Apply your crackle polish in the un-covered gaps. You can apply the crackle polish on the gap left at the tip at this stage or peel of the guides and apply the crackle polish as a french tip, free hand.

Step Four

After peeling of the guides, you will notice that some of the edges might have come off with the guides so using the edges of your crackle polish brush, touch up on any obvious spots. Don’t worry about getting the lines perfect though, this look isn’t meant to be immaculate. Finish off with a top coat and you’re done! Have fun with this look, until next time,

What nail colors are you in to this Spring?

Share the ♥! – Emily L.


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