Accent Tags And Our Own Domain, Finally!

This is a really short and simple update post.

Some of you may have noticed that our site has been down since mid last week. If you aren’t following us on our Twitter (@thelolitalane) or Facebook page (/Lolitalane) you’d pretty much be thinking what the *explicit* happened to us. SO…we finally rectified the errors and got our own domain!


From now on, yes right this second, we can be found at! Everything will be redirected to that domain and we’re really happy we finally solved all the issues. Also for owning our own domain name.

Big Smiles!

We’ve noticed people googling us (perhaps in an attempt to find out if we are still alive? or dead.) Some of you have asked us about what was going on with our blog so for all of you who have been so patient and supportive of us, here’s a video we did last week. We thought the other videos on this tag were pretty interesting/amusing/funny so we did it too…albeit with a Singlish touch. We’re Singaporeans after all. In case some of you didn’t know what Singlish is.

Singlish [ˈsɪŋglɪʃ] n

(Linguistics / Languages) a variety of English spoken in Singapore, incorporating elements of Chinese and Malay [from a blend of Singaporean + English].

Hope you guys enjoy this…


Should we make more videos?

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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