Japanese. Buffet. To Die For. Go!

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Singapore is a country that has a minefield of buffet restaurants. I’ve been passing by a small Japanese restaurant with a banner screaming BUFFET for a year now and always made a mental note to try it out. I finally did and I regret not having tried it earlier. Oh, and I also decided to try blogging through my phone so if this post isn’t very organized, I apologize.

En Japanese Dining Bar at Bukit Timah is cosy and super Japanese in design. It’s not a very big shop front and is situated at a corner so the only recognizable features are these.



Their ala carte menu is honestly quite good and their selection of alcoholic drinks is amazing, particularly if you have a thing for sake or Japanese brews. However, their buffet is truly the star attraction. For $48++ on weekdays and $52++ on weekends you get a selection of Shabu Shabu with all the beef you can eat as well as an array of sashimi, salads, appetizers, grilled dishes, deep fried dishes, stir fried dishes, maki, temaki, fried rice, noodles and even dessert. Oh, and it’s an ala carte buffet. Tempted yet? No? Time for pictures then.

This is…the size of hot pot they use for two people. Obviously, they provide vegetables which is the standard cabbage, greens and mushroom varieties typical of traditional Shabu Shabu. Completely refillable too.

Their beef is of a surprisingly good quality. I’m picky with the freshness and variety of my meat and even though I’m not a big eater, I’m guilty of polishing off two plates of beef. I. Just. Couldn’t. Stop.

This is half a portion of their Daikon salad and it’s so refreshing, tangy and addictive I…also finished it on my own. Oh, they charge for food wastage so almost all their dishes have a half portion option. Good to know.

Pretty decent but not the best kaki fry I’ve had. It’s not that it’s bad but when you’ve had awesome, comparisons occur.

Now this, is GOOD. Wafu steak that is both fragrant without being overwhelming and superbly tender. I don’t have much words for this except…you have to try to know.

Lastly, mixed sashimi. They have these individually too. I’m not big on raw fish but they’re pretty decent for my amateur tastebuds.

Like I said, I’m not a big eater so I had to pass on 80% of the menu. If you’re tempted to try this place out, here’s their details.

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Bukit Timah
557 Bukit Timah Rd
Crown Centre
Singapore 269694
+65 6468 5710

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 6pm to 11pm (Last order 10pm)
Sat – Sun & PH
12pm to 3pm (Last order 220pm)
6pm to 10.30pm (Last order 10pm)

How much can you eat at buffets?

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