Fall Color Update!

Hi Girls!

Yes, I am brazenly only addressing beings with two X-chromosomes. The reason for this audacity is quite simply due to the fact that I am finally writing ( or showing) a new beauty related post. So ladies, before you jump around squealing in joy of finding a blog entry that specifically targets and instructs on the exact colors, textures and prints to sport this Fall/Winter. Calm down. I am doing no such thing. I am merely raving on new polishes I have bought up till this Fall. I know how much of a kill joy that statement sounded but I am neither a fashion guru nor a trend setter. I could attempt, but I could also fail miserably. I’d rather save myself the agony. Instead, I painstakingly streaked and blobbed nail polishes, rendered the colors accurate, isolated the abstract looking things and present you my favourite polishes, up till this Fall.
Here are 8 objects of my affection sans bottles, disheveled nails, untrimmed cuticles and distracting backgrounds.

China Glaze in Purple Panic (Neon)

O.P.I in Excuse Moi!

China Glaze in Smoke and Ashes

Random Drugstore Brand comparable to Orly Green With Envy

Orly in Lemonade

China Glaze in Luxe and Lush

Random Drugstore Brand comparable to Essie Body Language

China Glaze in Light As Air

All the above colors are easy to apply, even, dries quickly and best of all, gives me the color payoff I want. Unfortunately, if you are interested in the drugstore brands, it’s pretty impossible to find it (even if I were to try to hunt it down for you). So I did the best I could and swatched other polishes. The comparisons are the closest or almost exact replicas so feel free to try them out. I can’t guarantee on the quality or color payoff though!
Which is your favourite color and what polish have you been obsessed with this year?

Share the ♥! – Emily L.


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