The First Time I…

Why HELLO there!

It’s been ages since we’ve last blogged about anything at all but if you’re still with us, thank you SO much for staying with us and for having all the patience (or curiosity) in the world.

One thing I’d like to say before I continue with the topic of this post, and some of you might be all too familiar with this, is how particular people (mostly strangers, people who presume they know you well or elders) have this notion that life is set in a straight rule and changes in plans/visions/decisions is this giant bleeping red X mark on a person’s character or integrity. Well, if anything, I’m the biggest rebel of that ridiculous theory, because for me, life is ever changing and if you can’t be flexible or adaptable, you stand to be the one suffering. Also, that means you are technically unable to truly learn to be a better person than the one you are now. That’s also a quest I’m constantly on. With that said (and with enough hints thrown), there might or might not be little twitches to the blog.

So back to the topic, lets play a little catch up. Not the usual yawn fest of blah-blah-I-ate-this-and-wore-that, but something a little closer to my heart; if you’re interested in my thoughts or what’s in my chest cavity. Another one of my beliefs/life goals (quite obviously I have a lot), is to try anything once. You may let your mind stray with that comment, it’s not like I can stop you. So with that persistence, I’ve been conquering a whole bunch of firsts, as did Claris.

Let’s start with the lightweights. I’ve finally learnt to fold origami paper cranes.

I’ve always found paper cranes to be strangely beautiful and I’m astounded it took me this long to get to learning it. We’ve also finally, decided to take time off to bake together, as a team. It was also an extremely therapeutic session. I can’t even begin to describe how working in a kitchen makes me feel.

20121212-053607.jpg Claris has also been improving her cooking skills when we made bacon wrapped asparagus…while trolling people on Omegle. If you haven’t tried the dish, try it, if you haven’t tried trolling people on Omegle, do that too.

20121212-054317.jpg I’ve also had to learn to make crepe paper flowers for a cousin’s wedding and it’s made me pretty proud since I made ALOT of them.

20121212-054920.jpg It’s also been the first time Claris and I watched an actual sunset together

20121212-055210.jpg much less while on a boat, which we’ve also never been on together before either.

We also played pool together for the first time, in our 7 years of friendship. The only reason being someone, that isn’t me, utterly detests pool.

We also made word of our promise to go on an elephant ride together.
We adored the lovely and gentle girl we were with, nature truly is beautiful in all it forms and we really need to remember and respect that.

Now for the dum dum dum, craziest thing we did for the first time. You have to remember, we’re terrified of heights, Claris is freaked out by open water and I absolutely abhor the feeling of falling. For some weird reason, quite possibly the excitement of being on a holiday, I signed us up for cliff jumping.

Long story short, I almost freaked out to the point of chickening out, the only reason I made the plunge (uh huh, I did that) being that it was even harder climbing back down. Claris was much braver, and being the perfectionist that she is, broke the water perfectly.

*Round of applause, anyone?*

So if anything was learnt, first times are truly precious but abundant, it all depends on whether you choose to pursue it. For us, first times are not only a test of our mental and physical limitations but an opportunity to bond and to experience something that can truly be described as once in a lifetime. Oh and if anyone’s curious, the pictures above are all from our Instagram accounts. We’ve both got our personal accounts (Claris is at @clariscallista and I’m on @therealemms) but the only one worth mentioning, since we’re on a roll with the theme today, is our first joint Instagram account. You can find us at @thelolitalane if you feel our Twitter, FaceBook page, YouTube channel and this space isn’t being updated enough. Well, we know they aren’t, but we scatter our updates throughout as and when we find something fitting. So be patient or stalk us, we don’t mind either way.

Now, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Share the love! Emily L.


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