Holy Cow There’s A New Post AND A Video?!

Hellooooo there.

It has been a long time. Too long, in fact. Come to think of it, we have a lot of posts starting with huge apologies about us taking to long to come up with anything new or the fact that we have been too absorbed with real life than to share some glory with our internet friend. Well, we do apologise, but life gives you kiwis and you have to remember to boil them before you make them into jelly or it’s acidity will dissolve the compound that makes jelly, well, jelly. Weird fact. Utterly random too.

Speaking of life handing you things, we, as well as a lot of friends and acquaintances have been given plenty of curveballs recently. Well, this isn’t anything new, but the ability to pick yourself right back up, look for (or make up) your light again and keep going is not only commendable but inspiring as well, so for all you guys who have picked your bruised ass (or hearts) up, GOOD ON YA!

Otherwise, keep looking, it’s never too late, and it will happen. Eventually.

So once again, this blog is going to go through some change in direction because this duo, no longer lives in the same country. In fact, the probably of us moving further apart, is astoundingly high. Further doesn’t mean our bond breaks though, it just means we have less time for our internet friend.

So, if you have always supported us, or are new to us and like us. Well, we’re happy for you to stay and wait for the (unfortunately) exceedingly long time we take in between posts. Otherwise, people come and go, no biggie. It’s those who stay that makes a difference after all.

To compensate for our on again, off again hiatus, we have a video for you guys! Yet another one where we question our sanity after filming. Yes, it involves pain, agony and torture on us, again. How kinky, for those of you who are into it. Well, let’s just get on it.

Xoxo, Claris and Emily.

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